Useful Things I've found on the Web

This is a collection of tools/resources that I have found useful.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for other tools and resources, don't hesitate to tell me. This page is, even more than others, a work in progress.


WDG's HTML Help - Excellent reference work.
WDG's CSS Reference - Another excellent reference work.
Yale's Web Style Guide - Excellent overview of design issues, including specs for printable web pages.
URL Encoding.
CSS info from the CSS Pointers Group.
CSS, HTML, and stuff from Richinstyle.
HTML escape characters.


Hex to Dec Color conversion chart
Quick Web-safe color chart
Much better Visibone Color Chart - Both useful and cool. Dig it.
Flash based Color Picker - from
IDEO Web Color Visualizer - dHTML/CSS based color picker.
The named colors in HTML.


Windows & Mac:
Microfox - Maker of a Screen Ruler app that is very useful for layout and design. Windows & Mac
TextPad - Text editor that is powerful enough to be usable, but not bloated. The PC equivalent of BBEdit. Windows
BBEdit - "It doesn't suck.®" Mac
Transmit - and a few other apps from Panic Software. Mac
Ad-Aware - PC users need this. Finds and removes adware, spyware, and certain intrusive cookies. Windows
Spybot S&D - Excellent complement to Ad-Aware. Windows
Putty - A Free Win32 Telnet/SSH Client. Windows
FileZilla - An ftp client from the open source folks at Windows
Version Tracker for all kinds of other software.


Validating email addresses in forms.
More email validation.

Line Test Sites

Step right up and test your speed!
From DSL Reports
U Mich, Flint


Catchall category:
Greeking Text - The Real Stuff
Matisse's Glossary of Internet Terms - A pretty useful reference list.
The Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing (FOLDOC) - An even more useful and thorough catalog of geek-speak.
FreeBSD tutorial for newbies.
Bash reference from
Bash Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide.
.htaccess tutorial. Favicon.ico creator
ORA CD Bookshelf A whole bunch of O'Reilly books online
DNS Stuff


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