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Current Status

This is a little out of date. I'm no longer employed as a web developer. I'm a bartender.

Skills and Experience

Hard Skills:

Coding: (X)HTML (by hand); CSS; AJAX; Javascript (site functionality enhancements and web applications); Perl (writing and refactoring programs, embedded code [Perl::Mason, Template::Toolkit, CGI]); PHP (functionality and db interface); MySQL, PostgreSQL (creating databases, web-based db interfaces, and Oracle (creating databases, web-based db interfaces); Apache (1.3.x, 2.x); BASH shell; SOAP/XML; Subversion/CVS; Movable Type
Image Editing: Photoshop; Illustrator
Environments: Windows 98/2000/XP and Macintosh OSX, FreeBSD, Linux (Fedora), Solaris

Soft Skills:

Advanced research, writing, and editing skills - with attention to detail; work well with deadline pressures; friendly and personable; work well in a team.

Professional Web Experience
August 1999 - Present - Owner, Polar Bear Web Solutions. Responsibilities: all aspects of web site development and maintenance for clients - information architecture, graphic design, programming, quality assurance testing, and hosting.

Recent/Ongoing projects for Polar Bear Web Solutions:
Hosting of 11 websites (Apache 2, Fedora, with PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL):
www.russianriverrentals.com www.sfuc.org www.thewhitebear.com
www.bungalowhomestaging.com www.starlightstrands.com www.mosaic-realty.com

St. Mary's College of California, Moraga, CA - Database development
* Designed and developed searchable database of 35,000+ alumni [MySQL]
* Designed and developed interface for alumni to view and update alumni profiles, as well as administrative tools [PHP, MySQL]

San Francisco Ultimate Club - Create and maintain HTML pages. Build database for seasonal signups. [HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL]

February 2008 - October 2008 - Web Developer, Genentech, Inc.
Responsibilities: Development and maintenance of departmental sites (intranet) (Dreamweaver, HTML, Perl, Unix/Solaris, Javascript, Oracle

February 2007 - September 2007 - Digital Production Artist, Charles Schwab Creative Services. Responsibilities: Programming and developing applications (PHP, MySQL, SOAP, AJAX, UNIX, HTML, CSS).

October 2005 - November 2006 - Developer, Media Net Link, Inc.. Responsibilities: Programming (Perl, PHP, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SOAP, XML), site development and maintenance.

Projects of Note at Media Net Link:

Cisco - Finance reporting tools for their internal network (Perl, Template::Toolkit, Oracle 9)
TheTourOperator.com - Complete conversion of site from Perl::Mason and MySQL to PHP and PostgreSQL.
Athena and Contact Beacon - (Media Net Link products) Integrate developed platforms to share data and interact via SOAP and XML.

July 2001 - July 2003 - Partner, Gargoyle Webdesign, LLC. Responsibilities: programming (Perl, Javascript, MySQL, HTML, CSS, PHP), site maintenance and repair, database development and maintenance.

Projects of Note:

Prop 65 Clearinghouse - Site development and hosting.
* Adaptation of graphic design to web interface. [HTML, CSS, Javascript]
* Development of searchable database of articles, court records, chemicals, and government regulations relating to California's Proposition 65, The Safe Drinking Water And Toxic Enforcement Act Of 1986. [PostgreSQL, PHP]

TheTourOperator.com - Ongoing contract for site development and revisions, including annually scheduled major design and functionality redesign and relaunch.
* Created flexible, searchable database of ~135 travel itineraries, each with up to 14 days of detail, each day with up to five cities, up to 18 images per itinerary, all data and images entered and updated through custom web interface tools. All itineraries searchable by theme and location. [HTML, CSS, Perl::Mason, MySQL]
* Created searchable database of printable coupons to be entered by clients of North American Journeys ("suppliers") through custom web interface. Tour operators can select specific coupons and cobrand with their own company name on printed coupons. Added invoicing tool that allowed suppliers to track number of redeemed coupons and compensate tour operators appropriately. [HTML, CSS, Perl::Mason, MySQL, CGI.pm]
* Created custom web application to allow clients of North American Journeys to place marker icons on state or metropolitan area maps to designate special attractions to be associated with submitted itineraries. Connected marker location information to database. [dHTML, CSS, Javascript, Perl::Mason, MySQL]

San Francisco Ultimate Club - Create and maintain HTML pages. Build database for seasonal signups. [HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL]

Previous Contract Employment
December 1998 - July 2001
Gargoyle Webdesign - Contract work on various website development projects, including Javascript, HTML, image editing, and search engine optimization: www.gargoyleweb.com
Otivo, Inc.
- Contract as Quality Assurance Engineer for Websites: www.otivo.com
Nikolas Weinstein Studios - Search Engine Optimization and Submission: www.nikolas.net
Sparks.Com - Search Engine Optimization: Evaluation and Recommendations: www.sparks.com
Tiff.Com - Contract web design and development tasks: www.tiff.com
eWork - Research and gathering of web based legal and technological information for collaboration tools for eWork: www.eWork.com

Web Internships
San Francisco and Berkeley, CA
Selective Media - Experience and training in web design and development: Adobe Illustrator 7.0; Adobe Photoshop 5.0; search engine submission; maintaining & updating websites; Mac and PC environments; a little CGI programming (Perl 5): www.selmed.com
Game Revolution - Maintained/updated pages at site; created animated banner ads: www.game-revolution.com

Other Work     September 1998 - March 1999
San Francisco and Brisbane,CA
Wired Magazine: Multiple freelance fact-checking and research assigments: www.wired.com
Business 2.0 Magazine: Multiple fact-checking and proof-reading assignments: www.Business20.com

1994-1996 University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA), Study towards Master's Degree in History
1987-1992 University of California at Santa Cruz, B.A. in History with Honors; B.A. in English Literature; College Honors

Personal Hobbies
Include: Parenting, cooking, homebrewing, gardening, reading (history, technology, politics, and literature), studying languages (French, German, Italian, Slovak), Ultimate Frisbee, and crossword puzzles.

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